she loves...well, almost everything.

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My wonderful mom, who I miss more than anyone 

Me and my ma 

Her 80th b-day 

My sister DD and our mom 

My dad in the cucina 

My dad and mom 

(My dad)Valentino DiSalvo

My brother Deen 

My mom and dad whoopin' 'er up

My mom and a brand new me 

Camel straight  (from Egypt) 

Another b-day 

Dd and Deen one Halloween 

DD and Deen - a duet on the scene 

Dance class with Orel Manilla (I'm on the far left - as usual)

"I'm comin' back a star!" 

Cats and Tappers 
  Brothers Schoon & Jesse - my loves 
"It's good to be the King!" 

Jesse the sweet 


Schoon nap 

Poppy the Manx cat 

He's a shoe in! ;oO

Poppy is crazy! 

Tulie the Calico 

Tula and Jess 

Silly Lily (she's actually smiling)

Lily my first dog and Jacq the runner up 

Moopy - dog trainer and brilliant feline and Jacq, loyal friend  
  Sophie was the sweetest dog I've ever known, I miss her every day 
Sophie was a  "Bagel" half Beagle, half Bassett hound, ALL love 

Jacq the loyal  

Sophie in the grass

Is that food? 

Beau the beautiful

Jacq and Beau best buds 

Blase` Beau 

Daisy the black and tan coon hound 

A real looker 

Pinto Bean the frog