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“Marissa Dodge’s, ‘Black Is,‘ is a softly powerful affirmation.” - Christopher Loudon (

“The highlight of ‘My Museum,‘ is the title track, a gorgeous Phil Kelly tune with a poignant lyric by Marissa Dodge.” - Harvey Siders (

“The real star is lyricist Marissa Dodge. Gently guiding us past the romantic illusions that our hearts tirelessly project, she brings us with unswerving accuracy to that focal point of concentrated emotion where only the bravest love songs dare converge. A masterpiece.” - Alan Kurtz (

“Leigh Kammon featured your song ‘Black’ TWICE tonight, both the Lena Horne and the Debbie Duncan versions, back to back (or Black to Black). It was SO cool, and it gave me chills to hear them, your words and your lush harmonies.” - Laura Caviani

"I just played your tune “Black Is” again with Debbie Duncan the other night....really profound writing, Marissa! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. " - Mary Louise Knutson


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