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Two Chicks talking about macadamia nuts and such

Shirley Horn and Ruth Dodge. My two favorite women in the universe

Thrilled to be near Shirley

with Shirley and Steve Williams

was only one Joe Williams

Foster of the CBO and my thrilled mom

mom with one of her sax player idols, Danny Turner

A happy me and mom with Chris Murrell of CBO

old friend Chris

and George from CBO

 Axtell, me, Lena Horne, and Adi Yeshaya

Sneed (direct from Sneedville), me, and Adi

Lena's band: Ben Brown, Mike Renzi, Rodney Jones, Akira Tana, and me

Renzi, Rodney, and me at Clinton Studios in NYC

the Maestro Jeremy Lubbuck, and me

With Cap'n Jack McDuff, Tony Axtell, and Claudia Sterling

Excited to meet Russell Ferrante

With Bruce and Sandra Henry, and Claudia Sterling

Oskar Cartaya and Tony Axtell 

Tony and Frank Gambale 

Dave Marden 

Gary Gauger 

Laura Caviani and Tony Axtell 

Dennis posin' 

Me and D 

Mike Johnson 

Nathan Norman, Adi Yeshaya, and Tony Axtell 

Betsy Johnson (Mike's daughter) 

Paul Ierino and Mike Johnson 

Joseph Baird and Tony Axtell 

Phil and Robin Kadidlo

The Enamel Kings! Phil Kadidlo and Wayne Cullinan 

Tony Axtell and Mark "Big Luther" Leraan


Bob "Prox" Protzman and Chris "Jibs" Lomheim 

Loggers Jammin' 

Super Thumbs! Louis Johnson and Tony Axtell 

Jackie Lee Robinson, me, and Tony Axtell. at a gig way back 

Eye to Eye (we look like spies) 

I2I promo pic
 (was it raining?) 

Jack Robinson our brother and true friend. R.I.P.