Instruction in Piano, Voice, Songwriting, and Music Business  


PIANO ~ An experienced private instructor in piano and keyboards, Marissa offers years of playing, performing, and recording skills to students of all levels. Instruction categories include; basic piano technique, piano performance, and ear training, to chord progressions, essential chordal theory, reading and writing lead sheets, chord charts, improvisation, playing with a band, and the art of accompanying vocalists and soloists.


VOICE ~ Marissa's vocal performance experience, both "live" and in the studio, greatly benefits her students. Her vocal technique instruction includes; correct breathing and placement of the voice, ear training, sight reading, voice maintenance and voice health, vocal performance techniques, the essentials of all vocal styles, improvisational skills,  ensemble singing and harmony, and mic technique for live performance and studio recording.  


SONGWRITING ~ A well known songwriter, Marissa has written songs in several different styles from pop and R&B to jazz, Brazilian, and classical. She has presented her songwriting techniques courses in master classes and seminars in music schools and colleges. From the basics of melody and chord progressions to lyrics, effective storytelling, and performance of original material. Marissa covers the full spectrum of songwriting and composition for aspiring songwriters and lyricists in all genres. Both private instruction and master classes are available.


MUSIC BUSINESS ~ Marissa's twenty plus years of hands on experience in the business of music, incorporates her knowledge of copyrights, publishing, starting and maintaining a publishing company, mechanical licensing, performance and airplay royalties and rights, intellectual property guidelines, approaches to presenting and placing your songs with recording artists, the business side of songwriting and your career as an independent artist.




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